Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A remarkable night

A few months ago, I got a message on Facebook asking me to call a woman regarding Jared. Did I know him? Am I in touch with him? Being the curious kid I am, I called. This someone turned out to be Rachael, a very kind person simply looking for a brother she'd never known. Can you believe that? Mister has 5 siblings that he'd never met (3 of which he still hasn't). The other siblings knew of Jared but never met him. They all share a father, though none of them have a relationship with him.
Jared had a very stable, blessed family life and was protected from knowing his bio-father. We don't even acknowledge this man. Jared's dad, Stacy, is legally and eternally all Mister needs as a father. We love him! It was funny talking to Rae and Thuy because I kept referring to Jared's dad and siblings. Yet, they are also his brain still hasn't processed it.
I guess that's what makes this a sticky situation. We are okay with letting these new sisters into our world. But we don't know how to explain to the girls the relation. We don't want to confuse them.
Jared, Rachael, and Thuy
Jared talking to his 1/2 sisters for the first time in his life.

More cousins? Wow! Emma, Zoe & Juli, Lexi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look who's 1

Oh, goodness! Cake is so yummy!
Look at that smile
And those adorable eyes

Blah, blah, Mom. More cake!

Big Springs, ID

Ah, cute!

And Love.

Mesa Falls, ID

Jason, Lexi, Lily, and Grandma Great. Isn't she the neatest lady?!
Kelsey decided to drink the water like a puppy. :)

Uncle Jared & Jason playing with the geyser-like drinking fountain.

Lexi Noodle @ the beautiful Mesa Falls.

Me & Goob (sound asleep), Grandma & Grandpa Great Sonja & Lily, Jason, Kelsey E. & Kelsey R.

Meet Bubble

I came out of my room one morning and found this scene. Haha! This is Goob's favorite friend, Bubble. And better yet, this is Shiny
Bubble. She is the replacement for the original who's "arms" (tags and ribbons) fell off. She has been strapped into Miles' high chair. I guess that says something about Goob's priorities: blanket then brother.